UN campaign is gathering speed

One of the major projects undertaken by Solidarity this year is the UN campaign. On 25 August 2015, Solidarity intends to submit a shadow report to the United Nations on the government’s report on the elimination of racial discrimination in South Africa. In this report, Solidarity aims to prove that the government’s application of unfair affirmative action practices is actually contributing to the racial tensions in South Africa.

For the purpose of the final submission of the shadow report, Solidarity would welcome the input of individuals and organisations on the first draft of this report. Solidarity will endeavour to include this valuable feedback in its report so that these voices may also be heard when the report is submitted in Geneva. The first draft will be discussed on 13 May 2015.

The UN campaign was launched after the Constitutional Court ruled that Lieutenant Colonel Renate Barnard was not unfairly discriminated against when she was passed over for promotion in the police. The most recent victory in the Labour Appeal Court, where judgment was delivered that the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) wrongfully applied the national racial demographics for promotions in the Western Cape, will also add great value to Solidarity’s argument.

In this case, the government tried to defend its practice to apply the national racial demographics in the Western Cape, resulting in almost no opportunities for promotion for coloured employees in particular.

The biggest problem facing the South African affirmative action programme is that it has deteriorated into a numbers game that has no bearing on affirmative action and only focuses on race. The South African government’s exaggerated focus on racial representation will be strongly emphasised in the shadow report.



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