The state’s interference in your physical as well as financial well-being

We kicked off 2020 with two major battles that are in the best interest of you as a Solidarity member. These battles relate to state interference in your physical as well as financial well-being.

National Health Insurance (NHI)

In 2018, we initiated the fight against the National Health Insurance Bill and the radical impact it will have on the quality of your health care. This year, we continue with the fight – on 21 February, we will be your voice at the public hearings to ensure that the NHI is not implemented in its current format.

Pension capture

We have already initiated legal steps to keep your pension out of the clutches of the state. In a letter to the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) as well as the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), our legal team demanded that the Trustees and the Board of these institutions should not accept the plan to finance Eskom from the GEPF. Should they decide to implement this controversial Eskom plan, we will be ready to take further legal action.

Solidarity’s Legal Fund (“Regsfonds”) makes these cases possible. Are you contributing to the Legal Fund? Sign up: SMS Legal Fund to 34802


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