Solidarity to intensify its campaign against Discovery Bank

Solidarity today announced that it would radically intensify its campaign against Discovery Bank’s exclusive black empowerment transaction.

According to Discovery, the transaction is a social and legislative imperative.

In a second open letter to Discovery CEO Adrian Gore, Dr Dirk Hermann writes that it simply is not true that the Banks Act requires transformation as a prerequisite for licencing purposes.

“Even the Empowerment Charter of the financial sector offers various options that can be used to comply with the charter. Various alternatives already exist but Discovery itself chose the radical option to exclude white people. Therefore, Discovery does have alternative options,” Hermann said.

A special website, hundreds of thousands of SMSs, a Whatsapp campaign and Facebook and Twitter campaigns will be used to exert pressure on Discovery to make their empowerment transaction inclusive.

“We have decided to intensify the campaign when Discovery’s reaction made it clear that they were going to continue with the exclusion of white people from their transaction. According to an internal letter to staff members, it should be considered a victory if a customer is convinced of the rationale of the black transaction, and it is clearly stated that the transaction will go ahead. Therefore, Discovery is still not listening to its clients, therefore its clients’ voices should be heard even louder.

A special platform has been created on the Solidarity website where thousands of people may make their voices heard. According to Solidarity, the platform was created in response to Discovery’s undertaking that they would listen to people.

Solidarity also made a special service available on its website, allowing people to get external professional service if they wanted to change to another medical aid.

“We have been overwhelmed by people who want to change their medical cover and need advice in this regard. We cannot give advice, but we can bring people into contact with professionals who can advise them,” Hermann said.


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