Solidarity requests parliamentary debate on shadow report

This week  Solidarity, on behalf of approximately 300 000 South Africans, including the trade union’s members, requested the Speaker of the National Assembly to call a parliamentary debate on government’s contravention of the UN Convention that seeks to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination. Solidarity is exercising its right to petition Parliament under sections 56(d) and 69(d) of the Constitution.

Solidarity Chief Executive, Dirk Hermann said the trade union also handed its shadow report on affirmative action to the Speaker of the National Assembly. “We told the speaker on behalf of the more than 300 000 members of the Solidarity Movement that government’s race policies go beyond what is internationally allowed and no longer comply with international affirmative action requirements.”
Solidarity also asked several political parties to request a parliamentary debate on the content of the report.Hermann says Solidarity believes the solution for affirmative action does not only vest with the courts, and that the real solution has to be found through social dialogue.
“Solidarity trusts that the debate in the court chambers will spill over into a national debate, the outcome of which will be a new national consensus on affirmative action. The best place for such a debate is in parliament. We are focusing on an issue which affects all South Africans and which has become a burning issue for all, irrespective of race. South Africans over a broad spectrum are tired of poor service delivery by state institutions because of an exaggerated focus on race,” Hermann said.

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