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Solidarity takes Eskom to court over racial plan

Trade union Solidarity disclosed court documents in which the union calls on the Labour Court to, inter alia, declare the national power utility’s current affirmative action plan invalid. The union believes that this plan will further deplete Eskom’s skills corps and exacerbate the current power crisis which will have a negative effect on all the […]

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Solidarity requests parliamentary debate on shadow report

This week  Solidarity, on behalf of approximately 300 000 South Africans, including the trade union’s members, requested the Speaker of the National Assembly to call a parliamentary debate on government’s contravention of the UN Convention that seeks to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination. Solidarity is exercising its right to petition Parliament under sections 56(d) and […]

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The battle for the orders

By Flip Buys There is nothing so powerful as an idea that inspires the masses. The Calvinist philosopher, Prof. HG Stoker, dealt with the various ideological schools of thought in the early forties in his masterpiece Die stryd om die ordes (The battle for the orders).But even Karl Marx rightly said that “the ideas of […]

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Affirmative action, protection of minority groups and our plan of hope

After a recent trip to Europe, during which several leaders of the Solidarity Movement investigated recent developments on the international front as far as minority language groups and minority cultural groups are concerned, Flip Buys writes that South Africa has fallen behind the times. As part of the tour, the group paid a visit to […]

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Racist UJ lecturer suspended

A University of Johannesburg lecturer was suspended pending a disciplinary hearing after Solidarity had addressed a letter to the university. The behaviour of the lecturer who made alleged racist remarks on her Twitter profile “is indicative of direct disregard for the virtuous culture and principles upheld by the university and it incites unnecessary racial tension,” […]

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This is how Solidarity is tackling affirmative action

At its crisis summit held on 5 May, Solidarity adopted a motion to combat affirmative action by pressing ahead to file a complaint with the UN’s Committee for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. This complaint will be submitted to the UN in the form of a shadow report. In it, the point […]

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UN campaign is gathering speed

One of the major projects undertaken by Solidarity this year is the UN campaign. On 25 August 2015, Solidarity intends to submit a shadow report to the United Nations on the government’s report on the elimination of racial discrimination in South Africa. In this report, Solidarity aims to prove that the government’s application of unfair […]

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Legal Fund members thanked for DCS victory

“Solidarity’s recent victory in the Labour Appeal Court can be attributed to all the members of the Legal Fund; the victory belongs to them,” said Solidarity Chief Executive Dirk Hermann after the ruling. The Labour Appeal Court in Cape Town recently ruled that the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) may not only apply the national […]

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Solidarity and other applicants win case against the state over the appointment of provisional liquidators

Solidarity and the Concerned Insolvency Practitioners (Cipa) in January obtained a favourable ruling from the Western Cape High Court after having argued that the policy on the appointment of provisional liquidators was unconstitutional and was based only on an unlawful quota system. “If this appointment policy had been implemented it would have deprived employees of […]

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