Legal fund benefits

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All paid-up support members receive 20% discount at selected holiday resorts.

  • Kokoriba
  • Santana

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Solidarity has concluded an agreement with Akademia in terms of which support members of the trade
union receive 20% discount on courses.

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Support members of the Solidarity Legal Fund as well as their dependent children up to the age of 21 years
receive preference with Sol-Tech’s annual intake of students.

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Solidarity support members receive preference for study loans

For Legal Fund support members and their dependent children, their support membership score additional
points for them when they apply to Solidarity Helping Hand’s Study Fund Centre for financial aid
for tertiary education.

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Solidarity will draft a will free of charge for support members. The will also be preserved free of charge.

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Solidarity Financial Services offers financial solutions by providing value-driven advice and exceptional service.

  • Virseker Car and Household Insurance
  • Investments
  • Retirement planning
  • Comprehensive financial advice

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Solidarity has a contract with a service provider to do a needs survey to help you choose the medical aid that is
best suited for your personal circumstances.

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Difference between Solidarity membership and Legal Fund membership:

As a Legal Fund member you are supporting the Solidarity Movement’s stand against affirmative action.

Membership of the Legal Fund is based on a volutary contribution of your choice, and as a result, Legal Fund benefits are limited and exclude the labour law advice benefit Solidarity membership offers.

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